"Attack on Titan" Manga Author Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for His Hometown

Small town with 3,000 population in a mountain valley

28-year-old manga artist Hajime Isayama, best known for his internationally successful series Attack on Titan, was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Hida-city in Oita Prefecture by the mayor Keisuke Harada on November 2. Isayama was born in Oyama-cho of the city, located in the western part of the prefecture, in 1986, and spent his childhood in the small town with 3,000 population in a mountain valley.


It was announced after the "Shingeki no Satogaeri" event to celebrate his long-awaited homecoming, held at Oyama-cho the day before. The event featuring talk shows by Isayama with his childhood friends and the editor at Kodansha drew 2,500 passionate fans from all over Japan. Check the Twitter photos posted by them below.





Source/Thumbnail photo credit: Yomiuri Shimbun


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