"Yo-Kai Watch" TV Anime to be Aired Worldwide including the U.S. and Europe

At least Jibanyan and Whisper's names won't be changed

The mega-hit franchise's first feature film Yo-Kai Watch: Tanjyo no Himitsuda-Nyan! (The secret of the invention) is finally released in Japan today on December 20. At the premiere event, LEVEL-5 president and CEO, Akihiro Hino revealed that the TV anime will be soon aired worldwide, including the U.S. and Europe.


He also confirmed that Jibanyan and Whisper's names will stay the same, while other yokais' will be changed. It's the same case with Pikachu in the Pocket Monster/Pokémon series, who is keeping its original name in the international versions. Hino then asked Etsuko Kozakura (voice actress for Jibanyan) and Tomokazu Seki (Whisper) to learn English for the expected international expansion of the Yokai boom.


The travel-themed film has sold over 1.06 million advance tickets at theaters across Japan, and its

estimated total including all other ticket sales windows is about 2 million. According to distributor Toho,

the film is expected to finish its run with around 6 billion yen, or if more suuccessful, very close to the 

top-grossing One Piece film, One Piece Film Z's 6.87 billion yen in 2012. Toho has already decided to

produce the second anime feature film for the next winter.



Trailer for the film





Source: Cinema Today, Eiga.com


© LEVEL-5/Movie "Yo-Kai Watch" Project 2014


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