9th Annual Seiyu Award Announces Special Honors

Headline prizes announced March 6th

While the headline Seiyu Awards will not be announced until March 6th, this week, 2015's 9th prize announced its special honors for voice actors. 


Lifetime Achievement Award - for contribution to voice work in many genres, including non-anime roles

Hiroshi Ohtake - Cyborg 009's Kaibutsu-kun Dracula

Fuyumi Shiraishi - Cyborg 009's 001 (Ivan Whiskey), Kaibutsu-kun's Kaibutsu-kun, Gundam's Mirai Yashima 


Synergy Award - for demonstrating the full appeal of voice work

Yokai Watch, represented by Haruka Tomatsu


Kei Tomiyama Award (goes to a male actor who promotes the seiyu occupation through other media)

Akio Otsuka - Ghost in the Shell's Batou, Black Jack, Porco Rosso's Curtis, Gundam 0083's Anavel Gato, Solid Snake, dubbing of Antonio Banderas  and Steven Seagel roles

Yamato Takahashi Award: (equivalent of above for a woman):

Gara Takashima - dubbing roles of Kim Basinger, Carrie Fisher, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore,Michelle Pfeiffer, Melanie Griffith. Star Trek's Deanna Troi

Kids/Family Award

Etsuko Kozakura - Yokai Watch's Jibanyan, Sgt Frog's Tamatama


Special Award - for activities that don't fit into other prizes, but which are worthy of comidation

Wake Up, Girls! - specifically calling out their promotion of the earthquake affect Sendai region



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