New "Evangelion" Real Escape Game Scheduled for This Summer

The player has to save the Tokyo-3 citizens as a NERV agent

Following the successful first event "Escape from an Angel" in 2011, the Real Escape Game will offer a new Evangelion-themed event "Escape from Tokyo 3 - Your Mission will Save the Human Race" at the Nittele Hall in the Nittele Tower in Tokyo from July 24 to August 30. 


Tokyo 3 is suddenly attacked and almost completely destroyed by an Angel. In a time limit of 60 minutes, the player as a NERV agent has to find its weak point and to extricate all of the citizens from the city by giving instructions to Shinji Ikari in Eva-01 and Rei Ayanami in Eva-00. 3,000-yen advance tickets go on sale today, May 15.



Poster visual



Event image



CM for the 2011 event



"What is the Real Escape Game?"



via: Comic Natalie


(C) khara

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