"Pikachu Loves Ketchup" Campaign Offers Pokémon Prizes

Promotional campaign from Kagome includes omelette plates, plush toys, ketchup bottle caps


Kagome Co., Ltd. is partnering with Pokémon for the "Pikachu Loves Ketchup!" promotional campaign, which encourages children of all ages in Japan to enjoy Kagome's various tomato-based food products. By collecting proofs-of-purchase from specific Kagome ketchup products, participants can enter a lottery style drawing to win fun Pikachu prizes.



Among the prizes to be give away are 1000 ketchup-sporting Pikachu plush toys and 1000 omelette plates shaped like Pikachu's smiling face.



As a bonus prize, everyone who enters the lottery will receive 1 of 4 Pikachu ketchup cap toppers (chosen randomly) which can decorate the tops of Kagome ketchup bottles.



The campaign also includes instructions on how to cheer up your breakfast by drawing Pikachu's face in ketchup on your omelette.



I'm not really sure we should encourage people to play with their food, though.


For more information about the promotional campaign, check out the official Japanese home page here.



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