Pricing & Pre-Order Date Announced for 20th Anniversary "Evangelion" Smart Phones

Android-based, SIM-lock free phones will be available for pre-order beginning in November


Crunchyroll previous reported on the development of a line of smart phones as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Hideaki Anno and Studio Gainax's landmark psychological mecha TV anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. New information is now available concerning the project:


The smart phones will retain for 78,000 yen ($649.34 US) plus tax. The phones will use an Android operating system, and they will be SIM-lock free. NTT DoCoMo will provide telecommunication services for the phones in Japan. The manufacturers for the phones will be announced at a later date.



As part of the development process, feedback via surveys was requested from 30,000 fans. The fan surveys indicated that "Eva Unit-01" was the most popular subject for the design of the phone's back cover, that the fans prefer a "simple" interface, and the character of "Asuka" is preferred for voice-related functions.


The surveys also asked about favorite scenes and sounds cues from Neon Genesis Evangelion, presumably to be included as bonus wallpapers, lockscreens, and in-phone sound effects.


For more information about the project, please check out the official Japanese home page here.


Source: Engadget Japan via Otakomu


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