VIDEO: Four New "To Love-Ru" Character Duet Songs Previewed

CD singles will be released biweekly from November 11

Bushiroad Music has posted sound-only previews for the upcoming four character duet song CD singles featuring the heroines of the To Love-Ru anime series: Lala & Mikan, Momo & Nana, Yami & Mea, and Yui & Haruna. The singles will be released biweekly from November 11 (Lala & Mikan), then on November 25 (Momo & Nana), December 9 (Yami & Mea), and on December 23 (Yui & Haruna). In addition to the title song, each single also includes "Saiai Darling!" (My Dearest Darling!), a love song dedicated to the protagonist of the series, Rito Yuuki, performed by the respective duo.



1. "Maru San Kaku Kazoku" (November 11)

   Lala Satalin Deviluke (Haruka Tomatsu) and Mikan Yuuki (Kana Hanazawa)





2. "Koi no Tameiki" (A Sigh of Love/November 25)

  Momo Belia Deviluke (Aki Toyosaki) and Nana Asta Deviluke (Kanae Ito)




3. "Heekijya Naikamo" (I Might Not Be OK/December 9)

  Konjiki no Yami (Misato Fukuen) and Mea Kurosaki (Yuka Iguchi)




4. "Kimi to School☆Days" (School Days with You/December 23)

  Yui Kotegawa (Kaori Nazuka) and Haruna Sairenji (Sayuri Yahagi)




Purchasers of all four CDs at Animate, Gamers and Toranoana will get an A3-size tapestry featuring the all heroines.


© 2015 Bushiroad Music


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