"Aikatsu!" and Hatsune Miku Team-Up for Live Projection Mapping Event

"Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion - 3 Big Teams! Dream Match" will tour Tokyo and Osaka in 2016


Bandai's virtual idol arcade game, Aikatsu!, is staging a live-event called the "Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion - 3 Big Teams! Dream Match" which will use video and projection mapping to propel the audience into the fantastic world of the Aikatsu! virtual idols. This new event is a scaled-up version of a similar event that debuted at the Tokyo International Forum in the summer of 2014.



"Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion" will also feature a special guest: Crypton Future Media's Vocaloid diva, Hatsune Miku. Visitors will also receive a special prize card for the Aikatsu! arcade game featuring the unique Dreamy Crown dress.



"Aikatsu! LIVE ☆ Illusion" will play at the Dojima River Forum in Osaka on January 9 and January 10, 2016, and at Hikarie Hall in Tokyo on February 20 and February 21, 2016. There will be 5 showings per day at each venue (3 during the day, 2 at night) for a total of 20 showings in all. Tickets to the day shows cost 2160 yen ($17.86 US) including tax, while tickets to the night shows cost 5400 yen ($44.66 US) including tax.


For more information, please check out the official Japanese home page here.


Source: Animeanime.jp


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