Overlap Launches Bimonthly BL Electronic Manga Magazine

1st issue of "LiQuille" hits the web on January 29, 2016


Overlap, a Japanese publisher that specializes in both digital distribution and physical character goods, is launching a new electronic boy's love manga magazine entitled LiQuille which aims to appeal to adult women. The publication will be updated bimonthly (every 2 months) beginning January 29, 2016.



LiQuille's tag-line promises that the magazine will be a "sugar x spice erotic" experience. The magazines features works such as Yama-Koi Buddy ("Mountai-love Buddy") by Peririko, Hana to Arashi to Sono Kokoroe ("The Knowledge of Flowers and Storms") by nie, and 3-pun Instant no Chinmuko ("A 3 Minute Instant of Silence") by Kimi Ichinashi.



For more information, please check out the official Japanese home page here.


Source: Animeanime.jp


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