10th Seiyuu Awards To Be Streamed on Daisuki - Merit and Memorial Award Winners Announced

March 12th ceremonies will also be streamed to a global audience

 The annual Seiyu Awards, recognizing achievements in the field of voice acting is back for a 10th year. As in previous years, the six major category awards (lead, support and rookie actress and actor) will be presented in a ceremony on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. However this year, the March 12th ceremonies will also be streamed to a global audience on Daisuki.


The 10th Seiyu Award's special category winners were also announced this week.


Lifetime Achievement Award - for contribution to voice work in many genres, including non-anime roles

Sachiko Chijimatsu (Nobita’s mother in Doraemon, Sally The Witch's Kabu, Combattler V's Kosuke Kita)


Tadashi Nakamura (narration for the Japanese dub of Bewitched, Charlie in Charlie's Angles, dubs for John Forsythe, David Niven)



Michiko Nomura (Michi in Mach Go-Go/Speed Racer, Maya in Maya the Bee,Wakame Isono from Sazae-san)


Synergy Award - for demonstrating the full appeal of voice work

Chibi Maruko-chan - accepted by TARAKO (celebrated 25 anniversary and had first movie in 23 years)


Kei Tomiyama Award (goes to a male actor who promotes the seiyu occupation through other media)

Showtaro Morikubo (Naruto's Shikamaru Nara, Yowapeda's Yūsuke Makishima)


Yamato Takahashi Award: (equivalent of above for a woman):

Kikuko Inoue (Oh My Goddess' Belldandy - mothers in everything recently)


Special Award - for activities that don't fit into other prizes, but which are worthy of comidation

AOP (Mr. Osomatsu theme)


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