"Onizushi" Whips Up Comic Web-Anime and Smart Phone Game

Cross-media project combines the powers of pixiv, ROBOT, sushi, and Japanese demons


Pixiv, a Japanese illustration website, and ROBOT, a Japanese animation studio specializing in short works of animation, have combined forces to create a cross-media project called Onizushi, which pits the inhabitants of a Japanese sushi restaurant against a gaggle of greedy oni.



Onizushi involves a 3-part short-form web anime (the 1st episode is available above) as well as a smart phone game for Android and iOS. Pixiv illustrator Sakkan provided the character designs, while ROBOT is responsible for producing both the animation and the game apps.



The anime stars Yuka Terasaki (Kudelia in Mobile Suit GUNDAM Iron Blooded Orphans) as Kaede, a young waitress who has to deal with an over-enthusiastic boss, annoying customers, and even more annoying sushi-stealing demons. For more information, please check out the official Onizushi home page (in Japanese) here.


Source: Net Lab


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