Lost and Found? Antique "Osomatsu-kun" Floatie Surfaces at Nagano Campgrounds

Kizakiko Campgrounds in Nagano seeks to return 20+ year old toy to its rightful owner

Kizakiko Campgrounds - a camping site outside of Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture, Japan - caused a bit of a stir on social media after discovering a decades-old Osomatsu-kun floatie and attempting to return it to the original owner. Luckily, the name of the owner of the swim ring was written on it in permanent marker.



The Tweet reads: "Information on Lost & Found Items: Swimming ring has been excavated from Kizakiko Campgrounds. It's estimated that at least 20 years have passed. We're keeping it in the manager's office, so Mrs. 'Miyuki Kitazawa of Akagumi', please come and pick it up."


Netizens have observed that judging from the Bandai logo on the copyright stamp, the floatie may be as old as 40 years in age, since the logo corresponds to the one used by Bandai from the 1950's into the 1960's. The original Osomatsu-kun manga ran from 1962 - 1969, with a TV anime adaptation that ran from 1966 - 1967.



Kizakiko Campgrounds is no stranger to anime. The campsite served as inspiration for backgrounds in both Please Teacher! (2002) and Please Twins! (2003), and they continue to court the anime tourism business by sponsoring cosplay and karaoke events. 




Official Kizakiko Campgrounds Twitter feed


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