Summer TV Anime "Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars" Suspended till September

Releases of the DVD and Blu-ray will be postponed for one month

The official website of the ongoing TV anime Regalia The Three Sacred Stars announced today that its broadcast in Japan will be suspended till September 1, after its fourth episode to be aired tonight. The original TV series animated by Actas (Girls und Panzer) premiered in Japan on July 7 and was originally planned to run for 13 episodes.


The release says that the production committee has realized the quality of the already broadcasted episodes is far from originally intended, and the difference is too difficult to fix in the current production system, so they need to reconsider the production condition and reschedule its broadcast time. The changes are listed as below;


1. The TV broadcast will be suspended after the fourth episode.

2. After fixing the production condition, the broadcast will be restarted on the current TV stations

    from September 1 with the first episode.

3. Releases of the DVD and Blu-ray will be postponed for one month

   (the first discs were initially set for a release on October 4)



The first, second, 12th, and 13th episode of P.A.Works' 2012 TV anime Tari Tari will be aired on

Regalia's timeslot on Tokyo MX during August.







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Blu-ray 1st volume jacket image 


Source: "Regalia The Three Sacred Stars" official website


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