"Sabagebu!" Manga Author Posting Countdown Illustrations for Its Ending

Newest 12th tankobon is now available

The final chapter of Hidekichi Matsumoto's survival game-themed comedy manga series Sabagebu! is published in the January 2017 issue of Kodansha's Nakayoshi shoujo manga magazine released today in Japan. To celebrate the end of the manga's six-year serialization, the author has been posting countdown illustrations on her official Twitter. 


The manga had been serialized in the magazine since December 2010, and currently 12 tankobon volumes are available in Japan. Its TV anime adaptation produced by Studio Pierrot+ was aired for 12 episodes from July to September 2014 and is still available on Crunchyroll.


November 26


"Countdown! Five days to the release of the January 2017 issue of Nakayoshi, in which our final 

 chapter is published. Please read it!"



November 27


"But most of the people who are checking this Twitter are middle-aged men. It must be hard for them

 to buy Nakayoshi?" 

 (*the magazine's target readers are elementary and junior high school age girls) 



November 28

"No! I want people to witness the last stage of Momoka-sama in the magazine!"


November 29

"Sonokwa's last gesu..., it must be watched to its end. Any good way to buy Nakayoshi without

 embarrassment..." "Oh, Yes!!"


November 30

"Hey, Onii-chan. I want to read Nakayoshi♪"


"This is your sister! Nothing to be ashamed of, if it's for your own sister, right?"

 The author says, "I am sorry. These girls are stupid."



Tankobon 1st and 12th volume covers



Manga PV



Anime PV (coutesy of MAiDiGi TV)



Source: Hidekichi Matsumoto Twitter via: Netlabo 


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