Funimation Brings Haruhi's "Disappearance" Back to BD and DVD

Welcome back the SOS Brigade in 2017.

North American fans are going to have a second chance at owning the mind-bending, universe-swapping film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya on DVD early next year.



Funimation announced on Twitter this week that the film would be become available on BD and DVD once again in the first half of 2017.


Originally released in the US in mid-2010, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was the SOS Brigade's one big-screen outing, based on Nagaru Tanigawa's light novel of the same name. In it, Kyon wakes up in a workd where Yuki is a normal human, Mikuru doesn't know him, Ryoko has returned, and Haruhi and Itsuki are missing. It's up to Kyon to get to the bottom of where he is and decide whether he'd rather live in this calmer world or return to his former, interesting life.


More information will follow on prices and specific release date.


Source: @Funimation




Kara Dennison is responsible for multiple webcomics, runs social media and interviews for (Re)Generation Who, and is half the creative team behind the OEL light novel series Owl's Flower. She blogs at and tweets @RubyCosmos.

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