"Renai Boukun" TV Anime Plays Matchmaker in April of 2017

EMT Squared will adapt comedy manga by Megane Mihoshi about a devilish Cupid falling for one of her targets

Megane Mihoshi's comedy manga Renai Boukun, aka The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love, is being adapted into a TV anime that will debut in April of 2017. Not many details for the project have been announced yet, although it is known that EMT Squared (Kumamiko - Girl Meets Bear, Nyanko Days) will be producing the animation for the series.



The original Renai Boukun manga is serialized in Holp Shuppan's Comic Meteor shōnen manga magazine. The story involves Guri, a half-Angel / half-Devil being who plays the role of Cupid with a magical book called a Kiss Note that causes couples to fall in love if they kiss after their names are written within its pages. Guri accidentally falls in love with one of her targets, an ordinary high school student named Seiji Aino whose normal life is thrown into chaos due to Guri's meddling.



An official website and Twitter feed (@boukun_PR) have also been published for Renai Boukun.




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