Mermaids Frolic in Upcoming "iMarine Project: DEEP BLUE SONG" Anime MV

Series of music videos promotes Sanyo's "Umi Monogatari" line of pachinko machines

New details have been released concerning iMarine Project: DEEP BLUE SONG, the 4th entry in the "iMarine Project", which uses music and animation to promote Sanyo's "Umi Monogatari" line of pachinko machines. The key visual (below), the main staff, and the main cast for the project have been revealed.



The main staff for iMarine Project: DEEP BLUE SONG includes:


  • Director: Kiyotaka Suzuki
  • Storyboards, supervision: Keisuke Kojima
  • Character design: Keisuke Goto
  • Color design: Satoshi Takezawa
  • Animation production: REVOROOT


The cast for iMarine Project: DEEP BLUE SONG includes:



Aya Uchida as iMarine, a half-human / half-fishman girl who speaks the language of fishes. iMarine has a bright and cheerful personality and she works at a delivery shop. The townsfolk treat her like an idol.



Ayane Sakura as Uunii, a half-human / half-fishman girl. Uunii looks up to iMarine like an older sister and constantly tags along after her.



And Maaya Uchida as Wendy, a human girl. Wendy is the daughter of her town's mayor, and she has a princess-like and tsundere personality.


The three previous "iMarine Project" animated music videos are included below:





The release date for the new "iMarine Project" music video has not been revealed yet.




Official "iMarine Project" home page


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