Meet Some Of the Outrageous "Fate/Grand Order" Servants With "Extra CCC" Crossover

Some of the characters for that game, designed by Arco Wada , have to be seen to be believed

The Fate/ series in general has a propensity to get excessive. When it's time for a spectacle, it has no problem going over-the-top. But, then there's Fate/Extra CCC, Image Epoch/Marvelous Entertainment's second Type-Moon inspired PSP dungeon crawler RPG. Some of the characters for that game, designed by Arco Wada, have to be seen to be believed.  With the recent Fate/Extella and its upcoming Switch port, the upcoming Fate/Extra - Last Encore TV anime and the Fate/stay night/Heaven's Feel movie, some of breathtaking Sakura-like Extra CCC ladies were brought into the Fate/Grand Order smartphone RPG for a special event.


4★ Moon Caster BB - voiced by Shitaya Noriko - Ascension coming May 10th


4★Alter Ego Passionlip - voiced by Ogura Yui


5★ Alter Ego Meltlilith - voiced by Hayami Saori


4★ Saber Suzuka Gozen - illustrated by Takenoko Seijin and voiced by Touyama Nao


And, the non-playable Kiara Sessyoin


Craft Essences 

Our Conquest on The Ocean of Stars - art by Redjuice, featuring Gilgamesh


Tsukumihara Student Council - art by fame


The Cage - art by Routo Usagi


Someday in Summer - art by Takenoko Seijin


First Premonition - art by Tohsaka Asagi


BB Shot! - art by BB Shot!


And, of course, there are PLENTY of tributes....


from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid's KyoushinshaCool


Trigger animator


And, some of the other, less NSFW, ones



via Fate/grand order wiki


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