Good Smile Company Announces Suntanned Cirno Nendoroid

GSC also called attention to the Granblue Fantasy The Animation - Lyria and Vee and Re:Creators Meteora Österreich

On 4.20, plans were announced for a new Touhou Project 16th -(Touhou Tenkuushou) ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons spin-off to the bullet hell shooter phenomenon.  This would star Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Tanned Cirno, and Aya Shameimaru.  A preview would be presented at the Reitaisai Golden Week event on May 7th, then, the full version would be at Comiket this summer. So, after weeks of Japanese social media being flooded with suntanned Cirno art, Good Smile Company announced a Nendoroid figure of the bronzed version of the popular snow fairy. 






GSC also called attention to the Granblue Fantasy The Animation - Lyria and Vee and Re:Creators Meteora Österreich

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