"Idolmaster" Girls Invade "GRANBLUE FANTASY" in New Crossover!

Worlds collide in the fantasy RPG app during the "Cinderella Fantasy" campaign.


The anime GRANBLUE FANTASY was based on a smartphone RPG that's gained popularity with both Japanese and English audiences. Now, the game is crossing over with another property popular among fans internationally. Get ready to see your favorite [email protected] girls in a fantasy world.



The new campaign, titled Cinderella Fantasy, is offering cast members of The [email protected] Cinderella Girls as SSR or SR summons for a limited time in-game. This is the seventh such collaboration for the game.


The girls will also be voiced by their voice actors in-game. Check out their art!


New for This Event: These characters are new for this storyline, ~PINYA HAZARD~. Minami is temporary, with the potential to join your party permanently with enough use.


Minami Nitta

Shiki Ichinose

Returning from Previous Event: 2016's "Snowy Mountain Story" will be playable again, and upon completion you will be receive last year's two new characters.


Miria Akagi

All other idols who appeared in previous events will be available to join your group for Challenge Quest Clear mode. Check out their art on the official news site.


The event runs until June 21.


Source: Otakomu.jp, GranBlueFantasy.jp




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