Fans Choose Death-Cries for "Fist of the North Star" Stage Play

Twitter campaign lets fans pick their favorite phrases for goons to scream while getting splattered

If you're familiar with the perennial, post-apocalyptic, ultra-violent martial arts manga and anime Fist of the North Star (known in Japan as Hokuto no Ken), then you already know that the hero, Kenshiro, mows through low level bad guys like so much bloody human hay.



Now Fist of the North Star fans have a chance to let their voices be heard - or rather, to let the thugs have their voices be heard as they explode in a gory mess - because a Twitter campaign for the upcoming Fist of the North Star stage play is letting fans vote for what phrases they want the goons to scream as they die.



By posting a Tweet to the official stage play account (@zako_butai) using the hashtag #ザコ舞台断末魔 ("Zako Butai Danmatsu" or "Thug Stage Death-Agony"), fans can suggest which nonsense phrases (such as "tawaba!", "hidebu!", and "abeshi!") they want the thugs to cry out when it is time for them to shuffle off their mortal coils on-stage.



The Fist of the North Star - Legend of the Century's End Thugs stage play is directed by Yuu Murai and features a script by Keita Kawajiri. It will run for 8 performances at the Tokyo Dome City Theater G-Rosso venue in Tokyo from September 06 - 10, 2017. As the title suggests, the play focuses on the "small fry", low level goons in Raoh's army rather than the typical heroic figures of Fist of the North Star.



It's a hard knock life, folks.


Source: Stage Natalie via Otakomu


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