"Kamen Rider" Hires National Ninja Champion for New Season

Kaho Takada to join the cast of "Kamen Rider Build."


Next month, a real ninja (or close enough as makes no difference) will be joining the cast of Kamen Rider Build. Kaho Takada, the winner of the 2014 National Ninja Championship Competition, will be appearing as the lead heroine of the series, Misora Isurugi.


Little is known about her character yet, except that she will be working with protagonist Sento Kiryu -- a theoretical physicist -- to defeat the evil Smash organism. Apparently, she has a talent for purifying materials they leave behind.


For now, you can check out a bit of Takada in action in her official personal PV:



Kamen Rider Build will be the 19th Heisei Kamen Rider series, and the 28th series overall. It premieres September 3.


Source: Otakomu, Kamen Rider Wiki




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