"Gundam Build Fighters" Go To War With Streaming BATTLOGUE -Episode 4

This is one for the Gundam 00 fans

 This Renato brothers (CV Yuji Ueda) are back in a new, streaming episode of Gundam Build Fighter's BATTLOGUE follow-up. This is one for the Gundam 00 fans. Like the previous BATTLOGUE, the debut is associated with the sales of associated kits, and, this time, it's GBF versions of the  GNX-803T GN-XIV and Cherudim Gundam SAGA.


Having received intelligence from the regular forces, a team of three GN-X types are standing by in the jungle, seeking clues to the location of a private armed organization's base. Then suddenly, they detect an enemy transport container on their sensors. The GN-X team immediately begin pursuit, but a Cherudim Gundam SAGA emerges from the container and bars their way. Two GN-X units engage the deployed Cherudim Gundam SAGA, while the remaining one continues pursuing the transport container, eventually discovering an enemy base concealed by optical camouflage. But what appears there is a huge opponent, with light glowing from every part.


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