"Girls und Panzer" First Original Art Exhibition to be Held in Ikebukuro This Winter

Event costumes are newly designed by the original character designer Fumikane Shimada

In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the TV anime, Sunshine City, a building complex located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, will hold a first large-scale art exhibition dedicated to the Girls und Panzer anime series for nine days from December 23 to 31.


The event titled "Girls und Panzer Hakurankai/EXPO" will display the key animation drawings used for all series, from the first TV anime in 2012 to the upcoming first episode of the six-part OVA "Final Chapter," in addition to never-seen-before production materials. 2,000-yen general advance ticket will be available till December 22.


The costumes for the event, featuring in the key visual below, are newly designed by the original character designer Fumikane Shimada.



All visitors will receive an "I visited the Girls und Panzer EXPO" tin badge for free. The illustration for

it for the first four days (December 23-26) is Anglerfish Team, then that for the last five days (December

27-31) is each teams' commanders.


Tin badge images




4,000 yen ticket set includes a 13-postcard set. 



7,000-yen special advance ticket, sold only at Lawson Ticket, comes with a 30 cm-tall acryl plate

using a newly drawn art by Fumikane Shimadai, voice guidance, and a participation ticket for the

"Mystery Solving" rally.




Source: Sunshine City press release, "Gilrs und Panzer Expo" official Twitter


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