"Ultraman Geed" Feature Film Hits Big Screen on March 10, 2018

Tsuburaya Productions' latest Ultraman TV series is now available on Crunchyroll

The official Japanese website for the ongoing Ultraman Geed tokusatsu TV series announced today on November 23 that its all-new feature film titled Gekijyouban Ultraman Geed: Tsunaguze! Negai!! (Ultraman Geed The Movie: We Tie! Wishes!!) will be released in Japan on March 10, 2018, distributed by Shichiku. Tsuburaya Productions' latest ULtraman TV series has been aired on TV Tokyo  since July of this year for a 25-episode run, and has been also available to Crunchyroll members


30-year-old actress Yuika Motokariya (Misao Aki in Peach Girl) is confirmed to make a guest appearance, and this is the first time for her to join a tokusatsu film. She plays Airu Higa, a female guide who is knowledgeable about local legends and customs in Okinawa, where the stoy of the film takes place. Her true identity is one of the survivors of Alien Cxia, who have lived in the earth since ancient times. Along with Ultraman Geed, she fights against a strong enemy to protect the earth.


In addition, the yet-titled theme song is performed by May.J, best known for her performance for the

Japanese lyrics version of "Let It Go "(as "Ari no Mama de"), the theme song of Walt Disney Animation

Studios' 2013 3DCG animation film Frozen.


Main Visual



"Ultraman Geed" TV series main visual


Source: "Ultraman Geed" Japanese official website


© Tsuburaya Prod.

© Ultraman Geed Production Consortium, TV Tokyo


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