"Hinamatsuri" TV Anime Adds a Quartet of Colorful Characters

Adaptation based on Masao Ohtake's psychic / yakuza / comedy manga hits Japanese TV in April of 2018


Four more colorful cast members have been announced for Hinamatsuri, an upcoming TV anime based on the manga by Masao Ohtake about a young yakuza member who becomes unwilling roommates with a girl with phenomenal psychic powers. The new cast members include:



Yōko Hikasa as Utako.



Ari Ozawa as Mao.



Tsuyoshi Koyama as Kashira ("Boss").



And Kengo Kawanishi as Sabu.



The original Hinamatsuri manga is serialized in Kadokawa's Harta seinen manga magazine. The story follows Yoshifumi Nitta, a young yakuza who belongs to the Ashikawa-gumi. One day, a strange elliptical object crashes into his room, and the object contains an emotionless but powerfully psionic girl named Hina. Threatened by her psychic power, Nitta allows Hina to live with him. Nitta has to take care of Hina, who is a lazy and sloppy roommate. Gradually, Hina begins to trust Nitta, because he never tries to use her power for his own personal gain.



The Hinamatsuri TV anime is directed by Kei Oikawa and features animation by feel.. Hinamatsuri begins broadcasting in Japan in the Spring season of 2018.





Official Hinamatsuri TV anime home page


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