"Familiar of Zero" Memorial BD Has All the Wives

New box art revealed for exclusive set


The exclusive box art has been revealed for Japan's upcoming Familiar of Zero Memorial BD Box -- and if you couldn't choose a Best Girl before, it looks like now you won't have to.


The new art shows the show's five lovely ladies ready for the altar:



As well as in the midst of a tavern scene -- hopefully not waitstaffing their own wedding(s)!



The new set will contain all 50 episodes of the series, as well as more than an hour of bonus footage.


In addition to the new box art, the set will include new a special booklet, an animation memorial book, image and audio extras, creditless OP/ED for the different seasons, and audio commentary for select episodes.


The box will run 46,000 yen + tax, and drop in Japan on March 28.


>> Familiar of Zero Website

>> Watch Familiar of Zero F on Crunchyroll

Source: Otakomu.jp




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