"Love Live! Sunshine!!" Chika Figure Inspired by Blu-ray 1st Volume Jacket Illustration Revealed

Aqours' other eight members are also expected to be revealed soon

The official Twitter of the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise today posted a photo of a new 1/7 scale figure of Chika Takami from the newly-launched label With Fans! that is co-produced by Bandai Visual and Good Smile Company. It will be the first item from the label, and also the first from the "Blu-ray Jacket Figure" series to offer 1/7 scale figures of the nine main girls based on the anime first season's Blu-ray jacket illustrations. While their release schedule have not yet been finalized, other eight members of Aqours are expected to be revealed soon. 



TV anime 1st season 1st Blu-ray jacket illustration



"Blu-ray Jacket Figure" series CM



via: "Love Live! Sunshine!!" official Twitter


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