It's Time to Get Weird with "You Can Enjoy!" Episode 1

Promotional anime highlights the agricultural products of Fukushima


Gainax Fukushima is rolling out one of its new short projects online -- all about the joys of the prefecture's produce.


You Can Enjoy! released its first episode yesterday. The surreal five-minute short, featuring anthropomorphized agriculture, focuses on the aesthetic benefits of the semi-dried Japanese persimmon product "Anpogaki."


Check out the full five-minute short:



"Anpogaki's Aesthetic" is the first of five shorts in the series, which stars Aya Uchida as Akatsuki (a peach) and Nana Mizuki as Tenotsubu (a bowl of rice). Junko Takeuchi took the spotlight in her role as the squishy persimmon.


You Can Enjoy! is distributed on the Fukushima Prefecture YouTube channel.


Source: Ota-Suke




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