Two-Episode New Anime "Robot Girls NEO" to be Streamed This Summer

Crowdfunding for a "Robot Girls Z" bonus episode reached its goal in a few hours

During the live-streaming program on Toei Animation's official YouTube channel last night, it was announced that Robot Girls NEO, a new installment of the Robot Girls anime franchise featuring various anthropomorphizing robot girls from Toei's classic super robot series, will be streamed for two episodes (seven minutes each) exclusively on ANIMAX on PlayStation this summer. 



The franchise launched as a promotional project for Toei Video DVD in 2009. Its first anime Robot Girls

Z was aired for nine episodes from January to March 2014, then its sequel series Robot Girls Z Plus was

streamed for six episodes from May to October 2015. 


In Z and Z Plus, Z-chan (Mazinger Z), Gre-chan (Great Mazinger), and Grenda-san (Grendizer) were voiced

by Mariko Honda, Inori Minase, and Kazusa Aranami, respectively. Robot Girls NEO again features three

girls inspired by Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, but with different voice cast.


(from left)

Z-chan: Hina Kino (Sayaka Itomi in Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko)

Gre-chan: Ami Hagiwara (Miyabi Koigasaki in Augmented Reality Girls Trinary)

Grenda-chan: Mikako Izawa (Moeko Tokita in Wakaba Girl)





Meanwhile, a crowdfunding for a Robot Girls Z bonus puchi-chara episode to be included in the Robot 

Girls NEO Blu-ray also launched at the same time with the live-streaming. Thanks to the support of

dedicated fans, it reached its goal of 1.5 million yen (about 14,000 US dollars) just in a few hours. 




Both Robot Girls Z and Robot Girls Z Plus are now available on Crunchyroll



Source: "Robot Girls NEO" official website, Twitter


©Dynamic Planning, Toei Animation

©Leiji Matsumoto, Toei Animation

©Robot Girls Research Laboratory


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