"Tokyo Underground" and More Listed for Discotek's May Releases

See what's coming to home video on May 29

Discotek Media posted a slew of Facebook updates to highlight the upcoming May 2018 home video release slate. Let's see what they have cooking for the loaded date of May 29.


Tokyo Underground is coming to SD Blu-ray, with 26 episodes on one disc and both Japanese and English audio options. 




Deep under the ground of the capital city of Tokyo exists a forgotten sunless world called “Tokyo Underground.” From this world, two mysterious figures, Chelsea Rorec and Ruri Sarasa escape and find a temporary safe haven in the home of Rumina Asagi. Ruri is called the “Maiden of Life” and an important personage in the underground world. Chelsea is Ruri’s bodyguard and she helps her escape. Villains chasing them appear on Rumina’s doorstep and the fierce fight continues. Ruri’s miraculous power wakens Rumina’s latent Wind Powers. Ruminia resolves to protect Ruri from the evil forces using his new-found strength and sets off on his long journey.


Star Ocean EX will pack all 26 episodes on one SDBD with Japanese and English audio.




Claude and his father are on a mission to investigate the unexplored planet, Mirokinia. When they arrive, Claude is mysteriously transported to a different planet with swords and magic called Expel.


While wondering around the woods he saves a girl named Rena from a monster with his phase gun. After she is rescued, she tells him he is the Legendary Warrior of Light whom she has been looking for. In search of the Sorcery Globe which is believed to be the source of evils, they set off on a journey that will determine the world’s fate!


The complete English language version of Monster Rancher packs all 73 episodes in standard definition on two Blu-ray discs.




Get ready for the wildest adventure ever as Genki, Holly and their monster friends unlock mysterious disks, meet and make new monsters, and try to defeat the evil Moo! Genki Sakura is an avid player of the Monster Rancher video games. After winning a tournament hosted by the game's creators, Genki gets a special CD-ROM that can unlock monsters in his game at home.


It's real-life fun and games when the disk magically transports him to the world of Monster Rancher! 

There, he saves Holly and her eyeball monster Suezo from the evil Black Dino Squad! Genki creates his very own monster, Mocchi. And they team up with the gentle stone giant, Golem, in their search for the stone disc that contains the legendary Phoenix.


Fist of the North Star: The Movie is coming to Blu-ray, featuring an HD version of the master used for the DVD and an alternate ending from the Japanese home video release in standard def. The release will include both a 4:3 version and a 16:9 version of the movie. 




In the near future, Earth has been devastated by a nuclear hell. In these troubled times, kinetic martial arts have replaced weapons of mass destruction, and the legendary Fist of the North Star style may then be the only hope for humanity's survival. Ken, the rightful master of Fist of the North Star, is forced to fight old friends gone mad, wicked new enemies, and even comes face to face with his power hungry elder brothers. All this in the hope that he will someday be reunited with his beloved Julia.


Fists fly, heads explode, and the super powered men of this violent new age clash in what may be the single most violent animated epic of all time!


Like the Clouds, Like the Wind is coming to Blu-ray in Japanese with English subs. 




The country of Sokan is in turmoil. Following the death of the Emperor, a power struggle over the line of succession ensues. To cement the crown prince's rule, he must find a suitable bride. And so, the hunt for a new empress begins! Ginga is a straightforward, lively country girl who joins the competition for the emperor's hand. Her earnest innocence shocks and reinvigorates the denizens of the palace. But can one girl's optimistic spirit help to save a kingdom facing threats both from within and from without?


Based on the award-winning novel by Kenichi Sakemi and featuring character designs by Studio Ghibli's Katsuya Kondo, Like the Clouds, Like the Wind is a family television feature filled with equal measures lively fun and peaceful mediation.


Last but not least, Lupin the 3rd Part 4: The Italian Adventure is coming to Blu-ray in a Complete English Language Collection as seen on Cartoon Network. There will also be a separate release of the Japanese language version at an as-yet-undetermined date.




Master thief Lupin the Third returns to the spotlight when he's poised to marry the danger-loving, Italian superstar Rebecca Rossellini. But once his high-profile wedding is interrupted by his eternal rival Inspector Zenigata, the chase is on! In this clever and colorful series, Lupin gallivants across Italy and beyond, chasing treasure and pleasure.


No mission is impossible for Lupin: exploring haunted houses, fighting the mafia, running from zombies, swiping the Mona Lisa, escaping a custom-made prison, or even just lending a hand to strangers in need. He's aided by the loyal gunslinger Jigen and the ace swordsman Goemon, while his beautiful partner-slash-rival Fujiko Mine keeps him on his toes.


But this time, the super-powered MI6 agent Nyx is eager to bring Lupin down. And could that bearded street artist really be the great Leonardo da Vinci, back from the dead? The mysteries of the Dream of Italy will be revealed as Lupin the Third takes on the Italian Adventure!



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