Mazinger Z Strips Down for Giant Encyclopedia

New publication to include planning materials rare storyboards


Mazinger Z and the series sharing its name have been getting a lot of attention this year, what with the new film and the anniversary of its creator Go Nagai's professional debut. For fans looking for more of the original super robot, Kadokawa will be releasing a massive encyclopedia.



The Mazinger Z Giant Encyclopedia, headed up by Nagai himself, will feature 200 pages of planning materials and settings from the history of the original 92-episode series. Additionally, storyboards for both the series and the theatrical release Mazinger Z vs. the Great General of Darkness will be included. New stories from the film's Roman album, as well as art for the new Blu-ray box, will also be included.



The encyclopedia drops today, and costs 4,800 yen plus tax.


>> Watch Mazinger Edition Z on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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