"K SEVEN STORIES" Six-Part Film Trailer Introduces Theme Song "SURVIVE!" by angela

The first episode "R:B ~BLAZE~" is set to be released on July 7

The official website for K SEVEN STORIES, the upcoming six-part anime film project from GoRA and GoHands' K anime franchise, today posted a 90-second trailer featuring the films' OP theme song "SURVIVE!" performed by two-member unit angela, who previously provided the theme songs for the first TV anime in 2012 and the first film K MISSING KINGS in 2014. 


"K SEVEN STORIES" release schedule:

  • July 7: Episode 1 "R:B ~BLAZE~"
  • August 8: Episode 2 "SIDE:BLUE ~Tenrou no Gotoku~" 
  • September 1: Episode 3 "SIDE:GREEN ~Uwagaki Sekai~" 
  • October 6: Episode 4 "Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukouni~" 
  • November 3: Episode 5 "memory of red ~BURN~
  • December 1: Episode 6 "Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~"


-each episode will be accompanied with a spin-off short movie "The Idol K"



Key visual



angela "KINGS" MV (the first TV anime OP song)



"Different colors" PV (K MISSING KINGS theme song by angela)



Source: "K SEVEN STORIES" official website




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