Go off the Grid with "Sword Art Online" Casual Wear

SuperGroupies introduces comfy goods modeled on Kirito and Asuna


Once again, SuperGroupies is bringing anime style to casual fashion, blending comfy clothes with character motifs. Their latest subjects? Kirito and Asuna of Sword Art Online.



Each new line includes a watch, a cardigan, and a pair of sneakers designed with the heroes' signature colors and styles in mind. For Kirito, a basic black with grey trim; for Asuna, white with red accents.



Each watch has their character's signature elements on the face (plus tiny script identifying them by their title), and stitched accents on the band. They also feature their characters' respective weapons carved into the back plate.



The button-down cardigans sport accent colors on the collar, hem, and pockets, as well as subtle character motifs on the lapel and cuff. And the sneaks are made to match, with costume accents reproduced in the shoe design.



Per usual for a SuperGroupies offering, these aren't inexpensive. Watches are 17,800 yen each, sneakers are 9,800 yen per pair, and cardigans are 12,800 yen each. But they're only on sale until June 17.


The new SAO line was brought out in conjunction with Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.

>> SuperGroupies Sword Art Online Product Page

>> Watch Sword Art Online on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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