The Dream-Science Guidebook Tackles the Physics of Popular Anime

Latest entry in educational and entertaining series by Rikao Yanagita hits book stores in Japan on July 24, 2018


The Dream-Science Laboratory and Kadokawa are making learning fun with a book of essays entitled The Dream-Science Reader: If I Cast the Destruction Spell, I Too Will be Destroyed! that explores the science of fantastical pop culture such as anime, manga, and video games.


The 256 book is written by Rikao Yanagita and features illustrations by Yutaka Kondo, and it includes 31 revised and updated essays previously published on The Dream-Science Laboratory website and elsewhere.



Some topics of exploration include:


  • Even with 3D Manuever Gear, is it possible to defeat the Titans? (Attack on Titan)
  • How does Aphrodite A fire breast missiles? (Mazinger Z)
  • The physics of Popuko punching over the Takeshobo Building. (Pop Team Epic)
  • Are the Matsuno siblings even human? (Mr. Osomatsu)
  • How would Todoroki's Half Hot, Half Cold Quirk work? (My Hero Academia)
  • Why do the characters in Sazae-san and Nintama Rantaro never age?
  • Is Ash Ketchum / Satoshi in Pokémon superhumanly strong?
  • Why doesn't the ink in Splatoon blend and mix like normal ink?
  • Would the Earth be destroyed if Saitama punched it? (One-Punch Man)
  • How does Goku training in 100X gravity work? (Dragon Ball Z)
  • And more.



The Dream-Science Reader: If I Cast the Destruction Spell, I Too Will be Destroyed! hits Japanese book stores on July 24, 2018. It retails for 640 yen ($5.76 US) plus tax.


Source: Anime! Anime!



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