Touken Ranbu Fans: Come Get Your $26,000 Life-Sized Sword Boy

Mikazuki Munechika gets tol for limited-edition collectible


Add Mikazuki Munechika to the storm of life-sized anime figures coming your way: the Touken Ranbu character is stepping up for a limited run of 1:1 creations.


Said to be the most beautiful of all sword boys (and that's some heavy competition), Munechika is recreated as a highly detailed figure standing 1,800mm (about 5'9") tall. He arrives with an iron pedestal for display purposes.


Check out a few shots of the figure, including his highly detailed gear:



If you want one of these for yourself, you're going to need a little luck and a lot of cash. The Munechika figures are selling for 3 million yen (about $26,500), and only ten will be produced and sold worldwide. Preorders are open until October 24, at which point buyers will be chosen by lottery.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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