Six More Cat-Lovers Join the Cast of "Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue" TV Anime

Adaptation based on heart-warming manga by Minatsuki and As Futatsuya hits Japanese TV in January of 2019


Six additional cats members - er, I mean "cast members" - have been revealed for Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. ("My housemate is on my knee, sometimes, on my head."), an upcoming TV anime based on the heart-warming manga written by Minatsuki and illustrated by As Futasuya about the everday lives of an author and his pet cat.



The new cast members for Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. include:


  • Hiro Shimono as Atsushi Kawase, Subaru's managing editor.
  • Shun Horie as Hiroto Yasaka, Subaru's childhood friend.
  • Chika Anzai as Nana Ohkami, a pet shop employee.
  • Yoshiki Nakajima as Yuugo Ohkami, Nana's younger brother.
  • Ayumu Murase as Hachi, a cat who is Haru's younger brother and who was separated from Haru shortly after they were born.
  • And Kenjiro Tsuda as Roku, Nana's pet cat.



The original Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. manga is serialized in Flex Comix's Comic Polaris digital manga magazine. The series follows the everyday lives of Subaru Mikazuki, a reclusive author who writes mystery novels, and Haru, a stray kitten whom Subaru adopts. The story is told from the perspectives of both the human and feline characters.


The Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. TV anime is directed by Kaoru Suzuki and features animation production by Zero-G. The series will broadcast in Japan in 2019.




Official Dokyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. TV anime home page



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