Romance Is Real in Real Girl Season 2 Visual

New season kicks off this January


The previously announced second season of Real Girl is preparing to debut this January. To celebrate the incoming new episodes, a new key visual has been released, showing both fanboy Hikaru and "perfect 3D girl" Iroha:



The adaptation of Mao Nanami's manga first premiered in April, and the series has also received a live-action remake.


If you're having a hard time waiting for new episodes, you can always pop over to YouTube in the meantime. Cat-eared character Yuto Ito (CV: Shouta Aoi) is currently enjoying a side hustle as a virtual YouTuber on the Yuto's Room channel.


Real Girl returns to the AnichU programming block at the beginning of 2019.


>> 3D Kanojo: Real Girl Website

Source: Ota-Suke




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