Five Mecha Pilots Suit Up for "Egao no Daika" TV Anime

Original work celebrating the 55th anniversary of Tatsunoko Production hits Tokyo MX in January of 2019


Five more cast members have been announced for Egao no Daika ("The Price of a Smile"), an upcoming original mecha TV anime that celebrates the 55th anniversary of Tatsunoko Production. The new cast members include:



Takashi Matsuyama as Gale Owens, the captain of the newly-formed Buerger Squad of the Grandeiger Empire. Gale has survived many battles, and he is an excellent pilot and military commander.



Yuki Nagaku as Lily Earhart, a member of the Buerger Squad who idolizes Stella Shining. Lily has a bright personality and acts as the squad's moodmaker, while in combat she plays more of a supporting role.



Toshiki Masuda as Huey Malthus, a member of the Buerger Squad who has fought together with Stella Shining. Huey is an indirect and cynical person, but he excels as a pilot, especially in terms of marksmanship.



Haruki Ishiya as Pierce Thorne, a member of Buerger Squad with a serious personality and a strong sense of justice. Pierce places the utmost emphasis on carrying out military missions, and as a result he can be a rigid and inflexible person.



And as Minoru Shiraishi as Break Boyer, a member of the Buerger Squad who serves as a pilot and a mechanic. Break is easygoing and aloof, and he doesn't feel a very strong commitment to the life of a soldier.



Described as "the story of two girls from a distant planet", Egao no Daika follows Yuuki Soleil, an innocent and cheerful 12 year old princess who spends carefree days at the palace with her friends and advisors, and Stella Shining, a seventeen year old soldier.


Egao no Daika is directed by Toshimasa Suzuki and features animation production by Tatsunoko Production. The series will broadcast on WOWOW, Tokyo MX, and Yomiuri TV beginning in January of 2019.




Official Egao no Daika TV anime Twitter feed (@egaonodaika)



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