Karakuri Circus Stage Play Main Cast Strike Poses in New Key Visual

Advance tickets go on sale from today



The official website for the forthcoming stage play adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita's fantasy action shonen

manga Karakuri Circus is updated today with a new key visual featuring its seven main cast in costume,

including 26-year-old voice actress Riho Iida (Rin Hoshizora in Love Live!) as the main heroine Shirogane.

As reported, she and Momoka Ohnishi (AKB48 member) are double cast as Shirogane and Francine.

You can also check the 17 cast members' individual images on the site's CAST & STAFF section.


Key visual




The stage play is scheduled to be performed at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo 17 times from January 10 to 20,

2019. Yu Murai (Love Rice stage play) is attached to direct on a script by Keita Kawajiri (Mob Psycho 100

stage plays). Advance tickets (Premium seat: 10,000 yen/Regular: 7,800 yen) go on sale on Lawson

Ticket from today, November 28. 


Latest CM



  • Masaru Saiga: Taiga Fukagawa 
  • Narumi Kato: Koudai Takikawa 
  • Sirogane & Francine: Momoka Ohnishi (AKB48), Riho Iida 
  • Bai Yin: Kairi Miura
  • Bai Jin: Ryotaro Kosaka 
  • Eiryou Ashihana: Kento 
  • George LaRoche: Shojiro Sakurai 
  • Guy Christophe Rech: Yuuko Ochi 
  • Lucille Verneuil: Ryoko Tanaka 
  • Arlequin: Nastuki Saegusa 
  • Fatima: Saki Endoh 
  • Faceless: Yojiro Murata 
  • Pantalone: Nisturu Karahashi 
  • Arlecchino: Hiroya Matsumoto 
  • Columbine: Seshiru Taiko 
  • Dottore: Souhei Izumi 



Source: Stage play "Karakuri Circus" official website / Twitter


©Kazuhiro Fujita, Shogakukan / Stage Play "Karakuri Circus" Production Committee


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