Tokyo Anime Center Holds Special Exhibition for Eromanga Sensei OVA

Sagiri and Elf VAs will join a talk show on February 3



To promote the release of the two-episode OVA of Eromanga Sensei, based on Tsukasa Fushimi's

romantic comedy light novel of the same name, Tokyo Anime Center will hold a special exhibition

dedicated to the anime series from January 18 to February 17, 2019. Following the 12-episode 

TV series in 2017, the OVA was released in Japan on January 16.


The exhibition displays key animation drawings, character references, scene panels from the TV series 

and the OVA, as well as autographed colored papers by the anime staff. And the main heroine Sagiri's

room is recreated as a photo spot where the visitors can take photos. In addition, various limited goods 

using the newly-drawn event visual, including clear files, tin badges, stickers, and tapestry, are also

available at the venue. 


On February 3, two main voice actresses of the anime, Akane Fujita (Sagiri Izumi) and Minami 

Takahashi (Elf Yamada) will join a 60-minute talk show. You can now entry for the free-admission 

event via this form until January 20. The scheduled number of participants is 120.



Poster for the exhibition



Source: Tokyo Anime Center press release


©2016 Tsukasa Fushimi/KADOKAWA Ascii Media Works/EMP


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