Video Girl TV Drama Returns with Nogizaka46 Member Mizuki Yamashita as Mai

Video Girl Mai is called "The evilest wicked woman who plays with the people."

Following the 12-episode Denei Shoujo ~VIDEO GIRL AI 2018~ aired in Japan last year, the second live-action TV drama adaptation of Masakazu Katsura's Denei Shoujo/Video Girl Ai manga, titled Denei Shoujo -VIDEO GIRL MAI 2019-, is set to premiere on TV Tokyo this April. Instead of Nanase Nishino as Ai Amano in the first, 19-year-old Mizuki Yamashita is cast as the new video girl heroine Mai Kamio.


As with Nishino, Yamashita is also a member of Japanese girl idol group Nogizaka46. She is known as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Team MOON) in the Nogizaka46 edition Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon musical in 2018. 


In the original manga story, Mai Kamio appeared as the "perfect video girl" and had an attitude of enmity to Ai. In the new TV drama, Mai appears in front of ordinary high school boy Kento Kanou to

fulfill his wishes faithfully. She does whatever it takes for him, and Kento gradually goes astray

because of Mai's mysterious and dangerous charm. Unlike the first drama that told a "pure love

story," the second one will have more "dark fantasy" tone in its story.


In the tagline, Mai is called "The evilest wicked woman who plays with the people."




Source: TV Tokyo


© "Denei Shoujo ~VIDEO GIRL MAi 2019~" Production Committee


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