GO! GO! Goma-chan Ending Theme Singer SymaG Posts New MV "Suns River Revive"

Self-proclaimed 82-year-old artist's 3rd album hits Japanese stores January 30

The official YouTube channel for Japanese singer SymaG has started streaming a three-minute music video for "Suns River Revive," the lead track from his upcoming third album "Sanzu no Kawa" (The Styx). 18 months after his second album "Mago no Te" (Back-scratcher) in August 2017, "Sanzu no Kawa" is set to be released from Warner Music Japan on January 30, 2019.


For the album, "Suns River Revive" is newly provided by renowned vocaloid song producer Nayutan Seijin, known for his space-themed songs, such as "Alien Alien" and "Rocket Cider" by Hatsune Miku. Ahead of the album release, the song has been already available on Japanese digital music stores since last Friday.


"Suns River Revive" MV



"Sanzu no Kawa" all-song preview


First press limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition



Self-proclaimed 82-year-old singer SymaG started his singer activities in September 2011 by posting his

singing videos onto Nico Nico Douga. One of his popular videos, "Buriki No Dance" (originally composed

by Hinata Electric Works for Hatsune Miku) has been viewed more than nine million times on Nico Nico

since May 2013.


In June 2016, he made his major debut from Warner Music Japan with his first album "Meido no Miyage"

(Pleasant memory to take to the afterlife), and his first single "Gatchen!" released in June 2017 was used

as the second ED theme for the TV anime Digimon Universe: App Monsters.


In May 2018, he released his first digital single "Goma Way," which has been featured as the third ED theme

for the TV anime Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan since its 65th episode aired in Japan on April 3, 2018.


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"Goma Way" digital jacket



Source: Warner Music Japan press release



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