You Can Win Rikka VA's Autograph in SSSS.GRIDMAN Alarm App Campaign

Rikka and Akane's original voice cast newly record more than 600 words



The 180-second PV for Tokyo-based company D-techno's alarm clock app "SSSS.GRIDMAN Alarm -

if your smile-" has been viewed more than 150,000 times just in one week. In commemoration of

the record, the company has started the second follow & retweet campaign on its "Chara clock"

brand's official Twitter, in which you can win an autograph of Rikka Takarda's anime voice actress,

Yume Miyamoto.


By following the brand's official Twitter account (@Characlock) and retweeting the campaign post

below, one lucky winner will get her autograph. This second campain's application period is between

May 2 and 9. The prizes for the first campaign are tapestry (for five) and acryl keyholder (for 50),

and it will also end on May 9. 





The "SSSS.GRIDMAN ALARM -If your smile-" app is scheduled to be available for iOS and Android in

the summer of 2019. The anime's two original heroine voice actresses, Yume Miyamaoto as Rikka

Takarada and Rena Ueda as Aakane Shinjo record more than 600 new words.







Source: D-techno press release


©Tsuburaya Productions

©2018 TRIGGER, Tetsu Amamiya/"GRIDMAN" Production Committee


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