Protect Your City in New Godzilla Defense Force Mobile Game

Toho prepares to launch more than 70 classic kaiju at your smartphone


Are you ready to live in Godzilla's world? A new mobile game from Toho pits you against—and alongside—the studio's most famous kaiju!


Godzilla Defense Force bills itself as an urban defense game, in which you buy and build up bases to protect major cities from giant monster onslaughts. Big destinations like Sydney, London, and (of course) Tokyo will serve as maps for the various levels. Earn coins to strengthen your defense against the giant beasts... and as you progress, collect cards to get them on-side to fight for you!



More than 70 Toho kaiju will be included in the game, including nearly every iteration of Godzilla (the recent Hollywood and anime versions will not be present). As you collect monsters, they'll be added to your personal photo book for you to peruse later.



Pre-registration is now open for the mobile game, which appears to be launching globally from the get-go.


>> Godzilla Defense Force Website

Source: Anime! Anime!





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