Moyoco Anno Among Illustrators Creating Pocky Boxes for Spring

The Sugar Sugar Rune creator joins Bakarhythm and Lily Franky on the OdePake campaign


It's not like we need and excuse to carry a box of Pocky with us wherever we go... but Glico is giving us one in their spring campaign!


Their OdePake packaging features character art designed to match each of five different varieties of Pocky. Punch-out lines on the back let the characters (and thus the box) cling to a shoulder strap or the edge of a bag.



Thirteen different characters are available in all:


Lily Franky




Moyoco Anno


Each box has a QR code in the bottom right corner. Snap it with your phone, and the box's character will be available for AR photos! Plus, the boxes will get you discounts at select stores around Japan.


The OdePake campaign runs until June 30.


>> Pocky OdePake Campaign Website

Source: @anno_moyoco on Twitter




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