Young Lovers Sing Together in New Clip from Ride Your Wave

Latest anime film from Masaaki Yuasa ("Lu Over the Wall") hits theaters in Japan on June 21, 2019

Hinako and Minato of Ride Your Wave enjoy surfing together.


The Japanese theatrical release of Ride Your Wave (known in Japan as Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara) is just around the corner, and now the latest theatrical anime film from Science Saru and Masaaki Yuasa is encouraging audiences to get in the mood for surfing and romance with a new clip from the film that features the lead lovers singing the film's theme song.



The new clip features Masato (CV: Ryota Katayose) and Hinako (CV: Rina Kawaei) singing the song "Brand New Story". According to a statement on the official web page, each singer's portion was initially planned to be recorded separately, but instead the song was recorded with them singing together at Ryota Katayose's suggestion.


Hinako and Minato prepare to chow down on huge hamburgers in Ride Your Wave.


The story of Ride Your Wave is described as follows:


Hinako, a girl who loves surfing, moves to a seaside town. During a fire, she is saved by Minato a firefighter. This meeting bears witness to an improbable fusion between two beings from opposing elements. But, Minato drowns while out surfing alone. When everyone else is trying to get over Minato's death, Hinako hangs onto her friend's spirit that reappears in the form of water.


Ride Your Wave hits theaters in Japan on June 21, 2019.




Official Ride Your Wave home page (Japanese)


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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