Crunchyroll Adds STARMYU Season 3 Anime, Reveals To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Details

STARMYU returns on July 1 just 30 minutes after the debut of Sacred Beasts

The Summer 2019 season is upon us, and this morning's news isn't all Crunchyroll has to announce today. The latest addition to the simulcast lineup is STARMYU Season 3, and timing and territory details have been revealed for the To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts anime. Check out the breakdown for both below. 


STARMYU Season 3

Launch Time: July 1 at 8:30am Pacific Time

Territories: Worldwide except Russia, CIS, Asia, and the Middle East



"I don't know how to give up on my dream." Hoshitani Yuta's dream of performing on stage with Otori Itsuki, his admired senior, finally came true; and, now, Yuta focuses on his next dream, spending his days working hard in musical training at Ayanagi Academy's musical department. However, another new trial awaits him! The start of the second semester brings with it the impending class performance at the Ayanagi Festival. This will be the first stage performance the boys will have to tackle without the help of a senior leader to guide them. Yuta and the others throw themselves eagerly into overcoming their team boundaries, joining forces to form a new company to put on the best show ever. But the Kao Council suddenly makes an appearance and stands in the way of the second years! As a part of their plan to reform the Ayanagi Festival the Kao Council is producing a fresh new program called the opening ceremony. The students selected for this performance will go on to be the prime candidates for next Kao Council, but it will come at the expense of not being able to perform in the class production. And thus, the final curtain rises on the tale of the youthful, comedic musical.


STARMYU Season 3


To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

Launch Time: July 1 at 8:00am PST

Territories: North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe (excluding Turkey, including Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan), Central and South America including the Caribbean



The democratic nation of Patria was created on the continent of Patria.


Because of economical disputes, the country split north and south, creating the Northern Union of Patria and the Southern Confederation of Patria and they waged a long civil war. With their numbers dwindling, the North decides to use forbidden technology in order to defeat the South. This technology turns humans into monster-like soldiers, giving them almost godlike powers. And with those powers, the long war came to an end and peace was restored.


Incarnates. They were the heroes who saved the country and were regarded as gods.


Time had passed, leaving the war behind. The people who had given up their human forms to become Incarnates were now feared by the masses due to their overwhelming power and were now called Beasts.


The former captain of the Incarnate squad, Hank, was on a journey to find his former Incarnate comrades who had turned into Beasts and was hunting them down as the Beast Hunter. A young woman named Schaal was on a journey to find the person who killed her Incarnate father. She encounters Hank and decides to go on a journey with him to discover the truth behind her father’s death. She eventually finds out that the battle is never truly over, and the existence of the man Hank is looking for who is apparently responsible for letting the Beasts loose into the world. 


Where does Hank’s path lead him, as he bears the sins for killing his own comrades?





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