Fate Continues the Announcements with Heaven's Feel and Camelot Trailers

Plus, a promise of more to come tomorrow


Fate fans, this is your weekend. Expect lots of news to drop as this summer's Fate/GO Fes 2019 rolls on—but for the moment, we have two trailer premieres to get you started!


Earlier we reported on the reveal of the Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] iii.spring song key visual reveal. This has been followed up with the first trailer, taking us to the end of the original game's darkest timeline:



Following not far behind is the first teaser for the film adaptation of Fate/Grand Order's sixth chapter, which takes place in and around a transported Camelot. Check out our first look at Wandering; Agateram, the first of two films following Sir Bedivere as he encounters the Master of Chaldea in a new Singularity:


Finally—at least for now—is a visual teaser for the upcoming adaptation of Fate/Grand Order's Babylonia Singularity. Fans on hand got a surprise screening of the upcoming series's Episode 0, titled "Initium Inter." Babylonia won the popular vote among players asked what their favorite chapter of the game so far was, and will thus be receiving a full-length anime adaptation. More information will be revealed during the event's second day, but for now we have a visual for the aforementioned Episode 0:



Fate/Grand Order -Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia- starts next month, with both the first Camelot and final Heaven's Feel movies due out next year.

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