Long Running AKB48 Variety Show, AKBINGO!, Ends After 11 Years

Group also takes a look back at its history in new MV “Sustainable”

AKBINGO final shooting crew


As one of the driving forces of the group's popularity in the late '00s, AKBINGO! has been a staple in the diet of fans of the 48 group for 11 years, but during the broadcast of its 555th episode on August 20, it was announced that the show would be ending in 5 weeks.



Running on Nippon TV, AKBINGO! was used as a way for less popular members of the overcrowded group to show off and help get them more fans. Nippon TV haven’t announced the reason for ending the show after its long run on Japanese national television. The variety show – which was hosted by MC’s Woman Rush Hour, formally Bad Boys – had members of AKB48 and sister groups play games, do challenges, or just talk about themselves in interesting ways.



The show debuted in 2008 under the name AKB 0ji 59fun (AKB 12:59am), referencing the time the show aired on Nippon TV. AKB48’s other variety show, AKB48 Show!, which aired on NHK BS Premium, also ended in 2019 after 6 years.



As previously announced, AKB48 will be releasing their first single of the Reiwa Era on September 18. Ahead of the release, the official AKB48 YouTube channel released the music video for “Sustainable” on August 20.



The music video looks back on the history of the group with references to past singles Iiwake Maybe, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, and Teacher Teacher. It also looks forward in time hoping this song becomes one of AKB48’s legacy songs.

Source: Yahoo Japan, AKB48 YouTube Channel


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